Spending Quality Time Outside The Home


Saturdays are our fun days. My husband and I make sure we spend time with our kids outside our home. We pack our bags and a couple of snacks to enjoy the serene and green landscape at the park. With no television, smart phones, or any kind of gadgets; we spend a couple of hours chasing our kids, laughing, getting dirty in the sand box, and simply just enjoying the surrounding and the company of each other.

Leading the Pack

I must admit, it wasn’t easy to get my husband and my little kids to go outside and play. With so many toys and gadgets in the house, it was quite challenging to even get them to think about playing in the park. But I was adamant. I had to get them out of the house.

I remember when I was growing up, I had spent more time outside our house with my girlfriends. We would make our treehouse and stay there the whole day. Unfortunately for my kids now, we don’t have a lot of trees in our area. Because of that, I figured I should get them to appreciate the park that’s located near our area.

Heading Outdoors With The Family

At first, the kids didn’t want to move around so much. With no gadgets whatsoever, they got bored. The swings and the slides didn’t impress them at all. But that was only until they had noticed that my husband and I were having fun. Not minding their complaints, my husband and I were enjoying the slides and the swings. Gradually, our kids were getting the hang of it. Eventually, they were pleading, “It’s my turn, Mom!” That was music to my ears.

Fun Outdoor Activities To Do With Kids

As my kids started to enjoy the day in the park, the swings and slides were just not enough anymore. Hence, I had to think ahead. My husband and I decided to draw up some activities in the park.

So now, we pack a bottle of bubbles to take the park as well. My kids just love the bubble activity. They enjoy running after the bubbles. It’s actually a very good physical activity for them.

Together with a bottle of bubbles, we also take a hopscotch mat along with us. I learned that hopscotch is a great game for kids to play.

“… it’s super easy … it’s great for all ages. It teaches coordination, balance, all sorts of things.”

My kids are learning how to hopscotch and they’re enjoying it. They’re now appreciating the simple games that we had all grown up with.

We have been doing the Saturday-In-The-Park thingie for quite a while. My kids look forward to Saturdays now. But I really need to come up with more outdoor activities to keep their excitement level high. I am determined to spend quality time outside the home every Saturday afternoon.

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