Spending Quality Time Outside The Home


Saturdays are our fun days. My husband and I make sure we spend time with our kids outside our home. We pack our bags and a couple of snacks to enjoy the serene and green landscape at the park. With no television, smart phones, or any kind of gadgets; we spend a couple of hours chasing our kids, laughing, getting dirty in the sand box, and simply just enjoying the surrounding and the company of each other.

Leading the Pack

I must admit, it wasn’t easy to get my husband and my little kids to go outside and play. With so many toys and gadgets in the house, it was quite challenging to even get them to think about playing in the park. But I was adamant. I had to get them out of the house.

I remember when I was growing up, I had spent more time outside our house with my girlfriends. We would make our treehouse and stay there the whole day. Unfortunately for my kids now, we don’t have a lot of trees in our area. Because of that, I figured I should get them to appreciate the park that’s located near our area.

Heading Outdoors With The Family

At first, the kids didn’t want to move around so much. With no gadgets whatsoever, they got bored. The swings and the slides didn’t impress them at all. But that was only until they had noticed that my husband and I were having fun. Not minding their complaints, my husband and I were enjoying the slides and the swings. Gradually, our kids were getting the hang of it. Eventually, they were pleading, “It’s my turn, Mom!” That was music to my ears.

Fun Outdoor Activities To Do With Kids

As my kids started to enjoy the day in the park, the swings and slides were just not enough anymore. Hence, I had to think ahead. My husband and I decided to draw up some activities in the park.

So now, we pack a bottle of bubbles to take the park as well. My kids just love the bubble activity. They enjoy running after the bubbles. It’s actually a very good physical activity for them.

Together with a bottle of bubbles, we also take a hopscotch mat along with us. I learned that hopscotch is a great game for kids to play.

“… it’s super easy … it’s great for all ages. It teaches coordination, balance, all sorts of things.”

My kids are learning how to hopscotch and they’re enjoying it. They’re now appreciating the simple games that we had all grown up with.

We have been doing the Saturday-In-The-Park thingie for quite a while. My kids look forward to Saturdays now. But I really need to come up with more outdoor activities to keep their excitement level high. I am determined to spend quality time outside the home every Saturday afternoon.

The Sittercity Babysitter Checklist Is A Big Help


Sittercity just never fails to impress me. I have been a member for the last two years and I still get amazed with the various tools and services they come up with.

There’s no doubt that Sittercity is focused on safety. Their selection process guides us well in choosing the right babysitter for our kids. I never thought that a selection process for a babysitter could be done in this kind of manner. But I’m only too happy to comply with their four-step selection process where I am able to screen, interview, verify, and monitor the babysitters. I feel safe with their four-step selection process.

That’s Not All

CXBaby.net points out that the site has one of the best platforms for finding and selecting sitters. Aside from the selection process, Sittercity has another tool that really helps me a lot. This is the Babysitter Checklist. It organizes and summarizes every important detail of the child which definitely comes in handy for the babysitter.

Gone are the days when I just post everything on the door of the refrigerator. Thanks to Sittercity, I have become more organized.

The Ultimate Child Care Checklist

While Sittercity calls it the Babysitter Checklist, I call it the Ultimate Childcare Checklist because it pretty much covers everything a sitter needs to know about my kids. All I need to do is fill it out and hand it over to my babysitter.

This two-sheet checklist is divided into seven parts. The layout is arranged very well. It starts out with the emergency and the Poison Control numbers; 911 and (800) 222-1222 respectively.

Then we fill out the blanks with the following information all of which are needed in case an emergency arises.

• Our home address;
• Our closest neighbor and phone number;
• The nearest cross street;
• The name of our doctor; and
• Our doctor’s phone number.

The second part of the checklist is the contact information. This part has the following information:

• Home phone;
• Cell number;
• The location of our engagement for the evening; and
• Our expected arrival time at home.

The third part of the checklist is about the house itself. It asks for the alarm code, which I don’t fill out. But I do fill out the house rules, which is also suggested by most of the Sittercity reviews I have come across.

Then the succeeding parts of the checklist are dedicated to the kids. It requires us to list down the favorite playtime activities and the rules regarding the usage of the television, video game, phone, computer, and tablet. The second sheet of the checklist covers the schedules for mealtime, naptime, and bedtime. Then the last part is where we can write down other details that we think the babysitter will need.

The Sittercity checklist covers every single detail that a babysitter needs. I just fill it out and hand it over to my sitter. Given the extensive coverage of the Sittercity checklist, I must admit that it’s a big, big help for a busy mom like me.

And by the way, if you are interested in using Sittercity, I highly recommend the use of a Sittercity promo code since this can help you save a lot of money. In some cases, you can get as much as 30% off the membership price, which is quite a significant amount of savings. A friend of mine did just that and was so happy to get her instant savings on her membership.

Eating Six Times A Day With Medifast


Choosing a weight loss program is never easy especially for a parent like me. I have tried so many weight loss programs only to come out heavier and more depressed. Whether it’s the “milk shake” or the “cabbage soup” diet, I just ended up starving.

I needed to lose 20 pounds and I had to find a weight loss program that could effectively and safely work for me. But most importantly, it should be able to satisfy my daily food needs. Weight loss plans that restrict my food intake turn me off instantly.

Then I came across 52SL.net Medifast diet reviews. Although I have heard of Medifast before, I just never really tried to learn more about it. But seeing how many people have lost weight with Medifast and after reading this particular review of Medifast diet, I finally took the time to check it out.

One of the reasons why Medifast is the most effective weight loss program is because it entails the dieter to eat six times a day.

”Eat six meals a day and lose weight quickly, all while learning healthy eating habits that will remain with you long after you reach your goal.”

I liked the idea of eating six times a day. Although I just could not imagine how I could lose weight, I chose to trust Medifast.

Medifast consists of three phases. These three phases are weight loss, transition, and maintenance. Right away, I realized that Medifast can help me lose weight at the same time maintain it.

According to the website:

“The Medifast 5 & 1 Plan® is designed for fast, safe weight loss. Eat five of our specially formulated meals and one Lean & Green™ Meal of your own, and you can lose 2-5 pounds a week for the first two weeks and 1-2 pounds per week thereafter.”

I knew instantly that Medifast was perfect for me. With guidance, I could prepare my own healthy meal at the same time; churn my creative cooking skills to an all-time high. Since I love to cook, the task of making my own Lean and Green Meals was a welcome challenge. Also, I was able to get some discount using Medifast coupons from 52SL, which was a great help. I highly suggest that you use some Medifast coupons whenever you order this great diet program as all the savings really add up in the end. It’s really worth it.

To date, I have lost 10 pounds. Seeing as how well I have adjusted to the eating program, I am convinced that the rest of the extra pounds with soon disappear. It’s just awesome that I can lose weight by eating six times a day.

Why Parents Should Use Sittercity


All parents totally deserve to have every possible tool to be at their own disposal when they are trying to search for some one to provide care for their kids. It’s a well-known simple fact that it’s dangerous to run an advertisement for a sitter in a magazine or on a community bulletin board. It sends out a signal to the wrong element that, somehow, you are not very careful. Anyone can just reply to the ad post and deceivingly provide fake character references and documentation. In case an individual has got a shady history, how on earth will you learn of it? Sittercity provides you the tools you really need in order to do an amazingly comprehensive background at an affordable price. That’s an awesome bargain specially when considering that the safety of all our loved ones is valueless.

What Sittercity Does

Not only does Sittercity give credible information regarding the babysitters themselves by way of honest parental reviews, you could likewise see references and work qualification checks. The safety of your own child is the top most priority. Hence, the particular site really does everything to ensure you are comfortable with the certain individual you are choosing to patiently watch over the precious one, according to iParentingLife. In case you have a precious child who has specific personal needs, you do not have to be anxious as you can do a search for those who could meet those specifications. You don’t just choose by chance when finally you have a lot of great resources at your disposal.

The Past Is The Past

Whenever I think of the way my parents used to find a last minute babysitter, it really makes me tremble. It was clearly implied that a child care provider needed to be reliable and responsible but, unfortunately, there was not any real selection process whatsoever. Babysitters at times were usually closely related to a certain somebody with in a close circle of friends. Now, of course, we know the lady who lives down the street might just be concealing a criminal background. Our friend’s teenage sister might be living in with a convicted pedophile. I am thankful that moms do background investigations today. Sittercity should have really been around a long time ago. I’m happy they’re finally available to keep kids safe.

Dealing always with an on the Internet baby sitter service is convenient than some offline companies. It’s also better than posting some advertisements on the broadsheets. With Sittercity, all you have to really try and do is to post the details on the website. This allows all the babysitters to apply for the specific job order. You can receive a lot of replies with in twenty four hours of publishing your job request. Soon after this, you can come up with your own short list and check out their profiles. This way, you can check all their work qualifications as well as their background. If ever one of your picks doesn’t have background verification check, you can use a service Sittercity highly recommends for an affordable fee.

Safety And Protection Guaranteed

No doubt, the safety and protection of your precious children is Sittercity’s number one concern. To make it conveniently possible, the site mandates all the baby sitters and nannies to provide enough information about themselves on their profile page. This is according to sittercity reviews featured on iparentinglife.com. These include introductions, certifications and experiences about child caring. You can also do a background check through Sittercity’s partners for a very affordable fee. This consultation fee is really worth it simply because we are referring to safety here. Lastly, you can check out all the applicants’ reviews from all their former employers for free.

If you are interested in getting Sittercity, make sure that you get to use the Sittercity promo code so that you can save money and get started finding a sitter right within your neighborhood.


Diet Delivery: Not Just For Famous Moms


It’s  mind boggling to see how celebrity moms quickly get back their bodies back after giving birth. It’s as if they were never pregnant. It just makes everyone wonder if they ever ate anything all? How were they able to drop so many pounds just like? Weight loss for them just seems so easy. It’s simply envious and at the same time mind boggling.

But on the other hand, the video below (scroll down this article) can vouch that it’s possible to lose all the excess weight after giving birth. It also shows that some celebrity moms really do everything to lose weight. But interestingly, the video gives hope to regular moms that had just given birth. Through a diet delivery service called Bistro MD or Diet To Go delivery service, the post-baby weight can easily and safely be shed off.

What Celebrity Moms Do To Drop The Weight

The video shows how some celebrity moms are able to lose some of their post-baby weight. But more than that, it confirms the fact that most women really have a hard time losing weight after giving birth.

“Many women gain weight during pregnancy. They often struggle with taking that extra weight off. Post-baby weight does not discriminate even top celebrities have this problem.”

Celebrities have all the means to undergo the latest and even the most expensive weight loss techniques. For example, Kate Winslet underwent some kind of facial analysis diet.

“She got what was called the British Facial Analysis Diet. By somehow analyzing your face, you can determine what’s going inside of your body with your organs metabolically. For example, open pores too much acid in the system. Lines on the forehead, your diet is too rich and oily, and finally  red puffy cheeks you’re intolerant to dairy.”

But Christina Aguilera went for something more normal which was breastfeeding. It’s a common knowledge that breastfeeding can really help drop the pounds. Another celebrity mom, Jessica Alba wore some kind of girdle “to compress her abdomen.”  Reese Witherspoon did some yoga.

Interestingly, Ashley Simpson went for a diet delivery service.

“… that gave her a nice balanced nutrition, good calories … it’s what I call the anti-diet for new moms. Just nutritious, balanced meals …”

Diet Delivery Can Help Get Rid Of The Post-Baby Weight

It’s good to know that there is a safer way to lose weight. Considered as an “anti-diet’ for new moms, Bistro MD meal plan sounds more suitable for regular moms.

“That’s really the key to losing the baby weight … it’s nutritious meals, balance out all your meals, enjoying what you eat but also being active …”

With balanced nutrition, reduced calories, and great tasting food; this particular diet delivery service is no doubt the best weight loss technique for regular moms that had just given birth.

Why Angie’s List Can Help Save Precious Time

angies-list-reviewsTaking care of the family is a 24-hour task. It just never ends. Every parent follows a daily routine just to make sure everything is all taken care of. From the moment the sun rises, most moms are up just to make sure everything is all set for the kids.

This hectic routine goes on for the whole day branching out into the various chores and errands a mom has to do to make the home a better place.

Keeping up with the daily routine of taking care of the kids and the household is hard enough. What more if something comes up? The sudden need to attend to something that has just come up is very stressful for every parent. It just ruins the daily schedule of tasks and errands.

This is why Angie’s List can help save precious time, says home improvement site HomeownersLife.com. Angie’s List is a one-stop shop that’s perfect for busy parents.

Angie’s List Has All Kinds Of Services

Angie’s List covers all kinds of home services that a busy parent can possibly need. If there’s an sudden need to repair something within and outside the home, Angie’s List is the best solution to get the job done well and to save precious time.

So in case there is a need to repair an appliance, a computer, a piece of furniture, or anything within the home, Angie’s List has it all.

But of course, Angie’s List goes way beyond repairs. It offers much more than that. While it covers an extensive scope of home services, Angie’s List also provides other kinds of services. And at some point or another, every busy parent will definitely have a need for the various services Angie’s List has to offer.

The Membership Is Worth It

According to some Angie’s List reviews that I came across, the company makes it easy for parents to find a particular service provider a midst the chaos of the daily schedule. One of the benefits of signing up with Angie’s List is having access to a professional network of service providers. Together with that, parents will also find the reviews on Angie’s List very useful.

Having access to the customer reviews will definitely help parents save some time in choosing the right service provider. There’s no more need to do research or ask around. Every possible detail that’s needed to find the right service provider is all provided by Angie’s List. That makes an Angie’s List membership really worth it.

The One Thing That Angie’s List Does Not Promise

But there is one thing that Angie’s List does not promise and that’s the guarantee of finding the perfect service provider. While Angie’s List provides access to a vast network of service providers, it does not promise the perfect service from all the providers. That’s the reason why Angie’s List has a Complaint Resolution Team that can take care of any possible issues that can arise. By the way, if you are interested in using Angie’s List, make sure that you use an Angies List promo code so that your membership will be much more affordable.

As a final note, Angie’s List is the perfect one-stop shop for every busy parent. It can help any busy parent find the right kind of service provider in no time. At the same time, Angie’s List can also help resolve any inevitable issues that may arise between the member and the service provider. It’s the perfect resource for very busy parents. There’s just no doubt that Angie’s List can really help save precious time.